M.L. at the book launch party for Heart of Deception at Book Soup in West Hollywood.

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M.L. at BordersBecoming a Harper Collins author was incredibly exciting. My novel, Heart of Lies, was selected as a “Next Great Read” by the American Booksellers Association, and chosen as a “Recommended Book Club Read.” I was also selected as an “Author to Watch” by Target Stores’ “Emerging Authors” program.

My latest book, The Cuban Connection is another historical thriller. This time the action takes place in Cuba, in 1960. It features ace reporter Katherine O’Connor, who has a nose for news and an inclination to use it in very dangerous places. Reporting undercover during the early days of the Castro regime, Katherine gets into serious trouble, and must find a way to save her own skin without making the people she loves pay for her freedom with their lives. The Cuban Connection contains rich historical details about how the Castro revolution evolved from a promise of peace and democracy to a tyrannical dictatorship, and why “normalcy” may be difficult to achieve.

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